We have had a revelation everyone!  The phone has been ringing like crazy and people are coming out of the woodworks as we speak!   This is so exciting!  We have some awesome raffles coming in and the entertainment is looking pretty amazing itself.  We have surprises and oodles of fun stuff for the kids.  This is an event we will gladly skin our knuckles for every year!!!  Okay, so actually all the skin is still there, but we are working really hard to bring you a great event! 

The community is coming together and we are so happy to see it!  Central Oregon, we love you! :)

If you have been directly affected by Childhood Cancer, contact us so we can honor you at our honor lap!

If you want to volunteer, there is still a need!

Booth ideas... put up a game for the kids to do at your booth!  

More later!

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