If you aren't sure if you are coming to this event, change your mind.  You do NOT want to miss this years, Shane's Walk!  We have had such an overflow of support from our community and are amazed at how well everything is coming together.  There is so much happening in this event, that we are not sure if we can fit it all in!

I want to take a moment to thank our committee volunteers that have uprooted their daily schedules to make this event 'one from the heart'.  The love and consideration that is coming from this group is just heartwarming and I know that you all will feel their love and efforts every moment! 

Also, thank you to Central Oregon for being such a great support of your community.  While we wish that cancer did not exist, it does, and we are so grateful to live in a community that is able to acknowledge it AND step up to it and help us fight!

See you there!!!