Here we go, everyone!  As I go through the preparations for this year's Shane's Walk, I am blown away by all the generosity that lies in our community.  The opening meeting brought new and fresh ideas for the new year, along with agreements to keep what we so loved about our first year.  There were some laughs about the rain that jumped in on our day, and how even though it poured down, everyone remained positive and motivated!  There were some tears as we remembered Shane and how his journey has changed all our lives.  The best part is that we reconnected our family.  At one point, I leaned back in my chair as everyone talked and just sat there in awe, how some of these families who hadn't seen eachother for quite a while, just picked up right where they left off.  "Amazing." I thought.  "It's just absolutely amazing." 

This event is more than just another way to get the word out.  This is where people from all over the nation can come together for one cause... childhood cancer, one passion... our children, and one goal... a cure.  Where hearts are made one with a hug, a laugh or sometimes even just a nod of the head.  It's a time to celebrate those who have survived, remember those who have gone before us, and pave a road for those to come. 

We chose a walk to symbolize movement... action... doing something about this beast we call cancer.  We chose to incorporate a children's festival to remind us what a great and privileged thing it is to hear our children laugh and how precious they really are.

In the darkness of this beast, we urge you to light a candle.  One smile... one extra beat of a little heart... the hugging of a teddy bear... fuel for a child's loving parent or grandparent to be there to comfort them in this horrible time.  These are all things you are providing by supporting this event, supporting Candlelighters For Children With Cancer.  No contribution is too small and no gift is unnoticed.  Because of you, we can bring gifts, needs and families to these children.  We can provide support groups, emergency assistance and friendship to our families who desperately need your help.  We can provide siblings who wake up every morning just hoping to see their brother or sister get better, a little comfort in knowing there are others who know exactly how they feel. 

We can't change what these families are going through, but we can change how they go through it.  Not alone... NOT ... alone...

Won't you light a candle today?

Register, attend the event, support our organization... DO something.  We love you and look forward to every part of planning this event!  Come! Join us in this fight!

Lighting Candles, One By One,

Angie Jeppsen
Central Oregon Chair
Candlelighters For Children With Cancer
2660 NE 9th Street
Redmond, Oregon 97756