While I have to be honest in saying that this is all completely new to me, (fundraiser/walk/festival) our focus and passion for this walk still holds strong.  I am very nervous about a few glitches in the website that I am desperately trying to learn enough about to fix. :)  I published it, so you all could enjoy my moving everything around.  Please, feel free to laugh, I sure am!  Also, I am struggling getting the upload photo link to work... so... all suggestions welcome!

Our small committee and handful of volunteers are working so hard to bring this all together in a timely manner so that we are not all running with our heads spinning in circles on the day of the event!  We could really use more bodies for this event.  Go to the 'Get Involved' page to volunteer!  We need you!

It has been so wonderful speaking with people who have been affected by childhood cancer and are willing to help us bring more awareness to it! 

I will try to update the blog as often as I get new information.  At this moment, we have several types of entertainment set up, a few raffle items donated, lots of companies interested in holding booths and great games for the kids to play at the festival.  It is going to be a grand event and I am so glad that this event is finally possible for us.  It is fantastic how the community is pulling together to support our local families, and meanwhile, this event is helping our community.  It is all so exciting!

Thank you so much to all that are getting involved! It may not seem like a huge contribution, but it really is!  Every child that receives a toy, meal, hospital visit... Every family that is able to attend an event, receive a gas card, or get help paying their bills... You helped them by helping us!  Thank you for your HUGE contribution.  We could not serve our families without you!

Lighting Candles One by One,

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